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Updated: Jul 16, 2020

Used To Go To Church is a work that percolated for many years in my heart and writing the book served as a cathartic exercise after years of responding to heart breaking scenes of tragic loss. On July 28, Used To Go To Church will be available to purchase on Amazon. This is a book for every human being who has faith, whether a faith smaller than a poppy seed or the size of earth itself. It is especially written for those who believe, those who used to go to church or those who struggle with organized religion (who doesn't, right?). First responders will also relate to the struggles of faith I myself experienced.

The book takes the reader on the journey of a first responder chaplain over many years of being inserted into the lives of those who suffer loss and who attempt to make sense of their grief. Even if you go to church, Used To Go To Church will open your heart and mind to the realities of jagged faith which isn't always as smooth as we would like it to be. For every one of you who go to church, you are surrounded by hundreds in your neighborhoods who used to go to church and who want nothing to do with church but who believe in God. They could use a friend like you to tell them about this book which might open their soul to a grace never learned.

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