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Used to Go to Church was born out of my experiences as a first responder chaplain serving law enforcement and the fire service over the past 23 years.  My rubber faith met the road of tragedy though the hundreds of incidents involving the sudden death of men, women and children in the public domain where I was called on to serve those in the midst of overwhelming grief.  Like the proverbial frog in the kettle, my faith slowly began to face the kind of doubt and struggle one rarely faces until life deals you the death blow.

Used to Go to Church is for anyone who used to go to church, never went to church, attends church regularly or occasionally BUT who longs for the spiritual not religious; the hope found in a God who is mysterious and often aloof.  Have you doubted God? Struggled to believe? Been discouraged by organized religion?  If you want to look beyond church and satisfy your soul with a message of God's love, this book is for you.

This is a book about rediscovering faith, dealing with doubt, unbelief, and heartache centered around God.  

You can purchase the book on Amazon (link to the right)

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