Who Creates Division??

Why does it seem such a difficult task to simply get along? Where did all this division come from? Doesn't a majority of people care about the planet no matter what we think about climate change? Doesn't a majority of people agree that racism is really bad? Don't most people agree that slavery was really, really bad? Doesn't a majority of people desire to have the protection of law enforcement in their communities? Doesn't a majority of people appreciate a robust economy, less taxes, better education, fair trade? Doesn't it seem reasonable to most people that everyone should be able to receive affordable health care somehow? Doesn't a majority of people feel they can be responsible to wash their hands, practice distancing and take care of their elderly or vulnerable family members during this pandemic? Doesn't the majority of people from around he world in a desperate search for a better life want to come live in the United States?

I have a discovered over the years that a majority of people I come in contact with on scene of a tragic loss have some kind of faith in God even if they used to go to church. I wish that a majority of people right now would allow their faith, any kind of faith in God allow love...God's rule the day.

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