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Can You Imagine?

Can you imagine this? Let’s have some fun today.  Maybe you’ve had this wonder which entered your contemplative mind some time in your life.  Imagine this…what would life be like today if Adam and Eve never sinned?  Assuming, of course, that it was ever possible to choose wisely from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil from before the beginning of creation and Even reached for an orange or a nectarine instead of the infamous apple.  That was a possibility, right? I mean, creation of mankind wasn’t a set-up or a divine sting operation, right?  So how would have history played itself out over the course of thousands of years until now if Adam and Eve might well have ushered us into some sort of perfect existence on earth?

Well, no doubt everything would smack of perfection, eh?  No doubt the love of God would have been the foundation of our existence but how that love would have played out differently than how we know of love now is something to further ponder.  So many questions come to mind!

Would we know God differently than we do today? I mean would we experience him any different than him being unseen and physically unapproachable.  Did he hide his face after “the fall” but otherwise might have had a face we would see now?  Would we hear his tangible and literal voice or would we still only relate to him by the nuances of spirituality and the spirit of God? Could we have truly “walked with God”?  How would Jesus have ever fit into the picture if never needed to be the sacrificial lamb? When or how would we have met him?

Here are some crazy questions.  What kind of bliss would living in a perfect world look like?  Would we live forever on this planet procreating for eternity? Would sex be any different?  Would there be different races?  Would we eat meat or be vegans?  Either way, would an animal or plant have to die, experience a death to be eaten?  I mean before the fall we had to eat (but not a certain fruit).  Would there be countries? Kings? Queens? Would there be a need for labor to build anything? If so, would it feel like work or work be a sweatless endeavor? Would the weather be so perfect that nakedness suffices to keep us at 98.6 year round? Would there even be seasons, weather, time?

How would humanity embrace progress, or would there be any need for progress?  Would we need tools? Certainly, no weapons or medicines needed! Yay!  Would transportation be a thing? Why would anyone want a boat except to fish perhaps?  Would there be desires to travel and explore; to climb a mountain for the sheer pleasure of adventure?  Would there be a desire for adventure where perhaps some risk would heighten the motivation to pursue a danger like Formula 1? Then again, there should not be any real danger.  It would be impossible to die.  Any sports? Friendly competition? Card games?

As all the years would progress, would there be any need for industry or technology? Anything to make our lives more interesting? I suppose there would be no need to make our lives easier. Or would it be some kind of eternal satisfaction and bliss that keeps us naked and fully content in a garden, walking with God, tending our cattle, and keeping an eye on a fishing pole?  Back to eating…could food get stuck in our teeth such that we would need a toothpick?  Never thought of this, but is defecating a result of the fall or would we eat and somehow have digested food completely? No TP needed. 

Just imagine.  Or is it even possible to imagine? Would computers, trains, planes, automobiles, nanotechnology ever come into existence?  Religion, commerce, democracy, capitalism, education, governments, science?  What would the thousands of years since creation of mankind have looked like without “the fall”?  Honestly, I can’t imagine.  No dying, no death, no pain, no suffering, no wars, no hatred?  Again, "Yay!"  Then again, according to the bible record of creation, evil existed before we did.  I can’t even begin to imagine how evil appeared or where evil came from or why evil was introduced.  Can you?  

I don’t know why I was pondering this today.  But I did.  That’s all.

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Should put to music....'I CAN ONLY IMAGINE..."

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