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First Responder Book Giveaway!

Today was the first day in nearly a week where I was able to go outside with my laptop and do a little work in the backyard. Since the lightning storm hit our area August 15, fires have been burning out of control in many parts of the Bay Area and beyond. Smoke has been heavy and the air quality is about as poor as it could be measured!

Strike teams from our fire department and all over the state and other states are working hard to get the upper hand on devastating fires that have destroyed many homes.

A few days ago I started a Go Fund Me Facebook fundraiser to raise money so we could give my book, USED TO GO TO CHURCH, to every firefighter and police officer where I live...nearly 250 personnel. Many of the firefighters have not taken a day off in weeks! I am so looking forward to giving a copy of my book to 150 firefighters and 75 police officers ASAP. Books are already ordered! Whatever money raised will all go to the book giveaway and extra funds we'll give away more to other agencies too! I'll take some to a strike team staging area about 8 miles from our home too! This is not only an impactful read for you, your family, friends, neighbors, colleagues...I would love for every first responder in the country to give it a read. My hope is that would relate and be blessed with a message of hope! If you wish to contribute go to GIVE AWAY FUNDRAISER

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