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Is It Fair To Ask?

Someone I love is going through a very difficult time.  We all know someone.  It may be ourselves.   We want to pray for God to do something.   To heal.  To answer.  To reveal.  To provide wisdom.  To make a difference.   I went to pray for this person who, did I mention, is very dear to me.   Immediately, my mind goes to that place and I ask myself, “Is it fair to ask God?”  Then I pray, “OK God.  Through all of time and among all the billions of people who are now living and billions more who have lived and died, is it fair to ask? I mean of all the hardships, horrors and horrendous events that have throughout history and are even now occurring in the lives of human beings around the world, is it fair to ask?  I mean I and this person I care deeply about have it all…income, a home, a car, health insurance, food on the table, retirement accounts, gym memberships, recreational opportunities, concerts to attend…on and on.  We have so much.  Is it fair to ask?  I mean we have so much already, is it fair to ask you to do something to alleviate a pain…a broken heart…a disease…a depression?  I mean there are millions around the globe oppressed, hungry, hurting and victimized by war or poverty or evil dictatorships.  Millions who likely ask.  So, God is it fair for little ol’ me to ask you to touch the heart of someone who means the world to me?  Can I? I think so.  I will.  God will you…?”  

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Great questions. Heavenly Father has never put up rules as to when we can ask for blessings and what levels of comfort those blessings must meet or even who deserves them. So yes, it is fair

Pete Mitchell

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