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The Bliss and the Ache

"I do not know what will kill me first–the beauty of this world or

the sorrow of it. There is a bliss that no amount of ache can steal away.

And there is an ache that no amount of bliss can rescue you from.

The deal is both the beauty, and the sorrow. It is what it means to be

fully alive. You are supposed to feel both the bliss and the ache. Life

is not supposed to make sense; it is supposed to make you more fully

human." (Used to Go to Church, pg. 60)

Kind of sums up this year so far, eh? Can you relate? So much around us doesn't make sense right now. Maybe throughout all of history peoples around the world have always experienced that part of life that just doesn't make sense. There has always been elements of the human experience that seem unfair, unjust, undeserving or unfortunate. How do you find the path through all this to be more fully human...more fully alive rather than defeated, divided and demoralized? You tell me. You tell us.

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