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We See YOU God!

God doesn’t stop war from happening. God doesn’t stop from happening cancer, strokes, dementia, Alzheimer’s, birth defects, diabetes, Parkinson’s, pandemics, or the common cold. He doesn’t stop suicides, overdoses, divorce, depression, racism, murder, famine, genocide, or evil. God hasn’t put a stop to earthquakes, floods, famine, hurricanes, tornados, volcanic eruptions, or entropy for that matter. All these things which are against life, against joy, against peace and against health continue to be present as much as ever. It has never changed. Despite the amazing strides and extraordinary accomplishments in technology, science, and medicine we human beings suffer through an existence fraught with trouble, heartache and disaster.

We pray for God to stop all this. To heal the sick, bring peace among nations and peoples. We celebrate the things that work out in our lives for the good and “give God the glory.” Like when cancer treatments are successful, when a crisis interventionist talks down a suicidal caller, when a counselor helps a couple prevent a divorce or helps a depressed person cope, when a bystander administers Narcan and saves the life of an overdoes victim, when a war hostage might be released. We celebrate the human spirit when we witness rescue efforts in human dramas and natural disasters. We assume God did something good when good outcomes arise out of awful circumstances. But I don’t know for sure. It feels like God has for the most part left us to our own devices as the world turns. Life is what it is. Entropy is real. The physical universe, our human bodies are eventually headed toward death and decay after birth.

So where is God in all of this? Really? On the other hand, we see the beauty of creation which is a spectacular canvass of amazement. We see YOU God! We look deep inside the human soul, and we sense there is something about us that is more than animal or the result of evolution from a microbe. We see YOU God! We detect there is a reflection, an image of something or Someone far greater than ourselves. We see YOU God! We yearn to discover a purpose or meaning to our lives. We see YOU God! We discover there is this profound love that is shared among humans, if so offered or received. We see YOU God!

If all of humanity were to stop seeing God, then it would all come to an end. All of it. Life. But enough of humanity, so far, does see God. Might love prevail? With all that is against life, might love prevail? Might God prevail in the human soul where He doesn’t stop love? Might He? If God is for us, who can be against us? God, please don’t stop loving us. Never leave us, never forsake us. We can see YOU.

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