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Who used to go to church?

When my book, Used to Go to Church, comes out in mid July (Quior Publishing) you'll read about my life interactions in the field as a first responder chaplain and the ensuing journey of heartache, doubt and faith. Even though I speak about church, the book is NOT about convincing anyone to go to church. As a matter of fact, I'll likely be accused of being anti-church and of discouraging people to go to church. Though that is not the case, it is fair to say that I present the downside of the organized church and speak to the disappointment, heartache and disillusionment people have experienced with church.

The book is about the hard stuff that comes about when we experience loss, tragedy, trauma and unbearable grief which may spark the struggles of faith: doubt, unbelief, anger towards God, the mystery of God, skepticism. My desire in having this blog is to provide a safe place where we can share our experiences in loss, our struggles with God and our views on the organized church. In the arena of grief, perhaps enough of us who have been further down the road can be a voice of encouragement to those experiencing a recent loss. Hopefully, we can share our pain and be vulnerable in this


So if you found your place here introduce yourself (as best you can if you wish to remain anonymous) and give us a brief backstory of your place in the journey of loss, grief, struggles with God and with church.

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